Grand Master’s Greetings

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland (SGLA)! Your interest in learning more about Freemasonry gives me great pleasure. It could be a rewarding experience for you. Although originating back in the 18th century, the principles and beliefs of Freemasons still hold true in our time.

The Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, established in 1844, is an association as defined by the Swiss Civil Code. It is the governing body of all Swiss masonic lodges that are recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. At present, there are 86 lodges spread over all four language regions of our country.

Freemasons are men who have committed themselves to strive for a life of high moral standards, honour and honesty, to respect the opinion of others and to contribute to a world in peace and human dignity. On this website, you will find ample information on Freemasonry as well as references to pertinent literature.

Should you contemplate joining our association, I kindly invite you to contact us for an informal meeting. Links to all our lodges are listed on this site. Since Freemasonry does not solicit potential members, it would be up to you to take this first step.

With cordial regards,

Maurice Zahnd
Grand Master, Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland