Hearty greetings to our Freemason brethren.
For the others, and for all those who feel interested by Masonry, you will find here some information on our association's end purpose.

Whoever you are, please accept our warm welcome. In its present form, Masonry is an institution that dates back to the 18th century. Its paramount objective is man's self-improvement and, through him, that of the society in which he lives. Self-improvement means the elevation and development of one's morals and ideals, and also humanism. This can be achieved through continuous self-searching. To this end, we are using symbols that we owe to corporations of builders dating back to the Middle Ages. Using these resources, Freemasons are striving to find a meaning to Man's journey on Earth. It is what they call the search for truth. It is not a purely speculative endeavour, but consists in performing actions that tend to refine one's immanent "self", which amounts to improving one's self-transcendence. One of the main criteria within this refinement context consists for a man to identify, in his own life, which values will enable him to improve. The aim is for him to behave in compliance with his own ethics. The Masonic concept of The Great Architect of the Universe means that a Freemason is not an atheist, but a man involved in a quest for spirituality, and aware of the reality of transcendence. Each Freemason is free to practise a religion or not, or to opt for his own belief. A Freemason reflects and acts both on his own and together with his brethren (the other Freemasons) while attempting to radiate Good : tolerance, justice, equality, solidarity, humanism, just progress and education. Freemasons can belong to any people, culture, belief, or be of any origin, whence the universal feature of Masonry. In Masonry, freedom, of which mankind has either blatantly or deviously been deprived throughout history, has topmost precedence, this without ambiguity; as a matter of fact, Masonic thinking categorically and methodically opposes all forms of dogmatism, whether political, religious, or other. In order to rejoin Freemasonry, just send a simple request to a Lodge; they will examine your application before deciding to admit you, and retain the right to accept it or not, as in any other association. The Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, which regroups all the Swiss Lodges, was formed in 1844 as an association governed by art. 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. It is sovereign and has its own Constitution. The Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland also entertains very friendly relationships in several countries.